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Nigerian Hip Hop artiste Imohtal shares a balanced diet of good music titled “Medicine and Juice“. According to him, the medicine is the message, the juice is the beat.

On this jam produced by Dhecade, the rapper addresses a number of emotions most people can relate with, including fear, anxiety, and various trials, tying it to an invitation to try God’s love.


Imoh Daniel Akpan a.k.a Imohtal is a rapper, singer and songwriter. A native of Akwa Ibom state. He has a background in Architecture and Graphic Design from Yaba College of Technology and NIIT respectively.

He grew up paying attention to music around him and honed his skills by singing and rapping on instrumentals. In church, instead of singing with the choir or congregation, he would create a rap off what the instrumentalists played.

Influenced by a lot of rap, contemporary and worship music, Imohtal believes music is all about celebration with conjunctions to information and education and that it is important to be a voice for the people.

As a Christian emcee, Imohtal believes we (gospel artists) should look to God, the creator of music for inspiration and not pattern our sound after the hit-makers on secular radio – we should be original – and that controversy and creativity is good for Christian hiphop. We shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Imohtal primarily hopes to promote God and raise the bar for Christian hiphop and gospel music both locally and internationally, besides having some major awards.

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